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dynamicMAP | Scheduling & Dispatching

Resource Planning with Real Time Traffic Updates

If you want to dispatch your resources perfectly, you need to have access to all relevant information at a glance. This includes not only data about your employees and the orders, but also external factors like the availability of your customers and the current traffic conditions. dynamicMAP will give all information integrated into a planning solution so that you can schedule your colleagues in the optimal way.

With dynamicMAP you have a fully integrated planning solution so that you can dispatch your resources and jobs in the best possible way.

Dynamic Map Scheduling


Map based Resource Planning Plan your resources on the map or via drag and drop on a GANTT diagram.
Dispatching with Real-Time Traffic Updates Plan your resources with access to real time traffic information
Availability and Scheduling Get an easy overview of the availability, scheduling and utilization of all resources.
Dispatching of teams, vehicles and production resource tools Schedule single resources or teams, plan them together with vehicles and required production resource tools.
Integration with SAM Optimized to be integrated with SAM.
Display technicians and jobs on the map Display your resources, customers and jobs on the HERE Maps based interface.
Real time update about the status of orders Know anytime where the field service is and what he is working on.
Plan automatically via optimization wizard Automatic planning of jobs via the dynamicMAP wizard.
Flexible User Interface Configure the dynamicMAP UI according to your needs. Add or remove fields, change the colors and much more.

Your advantages with dynamicMAP

Easier dispatching

Planning via GANTT chart or map, perfect utilization of the technicians.

Better overview of resources and orders

Availability and utilization of employees always visible, integration in the vacation plan, display of absences like sick leaves.


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