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SAM | Smart Asset Management

Simple and easy to use customer service for SAP

Maximize the value your field technicians can generate by providing them with access to the information and tools they need – anytime and anywhere.

With SAM you can reduce costs by enabling more efficient and effective service calls and enhance customer relations by providing on-schedule delivery of services by issue-informed and parts-equipped technicians. SAM works offline without network connection.

SAM in the field mobile


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Maintenance and service order management, create, edit and display orders with operations, components, documents, etc.
Time and material registration (planned and unplanned)
Status handling for real time updates
Notification management, create, edit and display notifications, with actions, tasks, positions, documents, etc.
Asset management (technical objects like functional locations and equipments), create, edit and display assets with characteristics, measurement points, documents, history etc.
Flexible checklists and forms for easy and structured data capturing
Business partner management with contact and address details, overview of assets, orders, notifications; 360 degree view on customers
Material management with an overview of materials per storage location with their stock level
Creation of service and inspection reports with signature as PDF
Capture photos and videos, up- and download attachments
Scanning of bar codes and integration with Auto/RFID
Integration with GIS systems
Integration with navigation software like HERE Maps, Navigon, Google Maps and others.
Working offline without network connection
Running on laptops, tablets and smartphones with iOS, Android and Windows.

Your advantages with SAM

  • Improved the productivity of your workforce
  • Improved SAP PM/CS data quality and accuracy
  • Improved quality of executed jobs
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Improve overall equipment effectiveness and decrease equipment down times
  • Digitalize paper-based processes
  • Reduce duplicate entry of data and avoid media breaks
  • Faster information flow/reduce time until billing
  • Better informed technicians on site
  • Optimize preventive vs unplanned maintenance
  • Promote 360° view of operations
  • Maximize the value your existing SAP system
  • Look more professional in front of your customers
  • Increased data analysis capabilities


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