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Custom Look and Feel for SAM Smart Asset Management

Von Alexander Ilg | September 27, 2018 | 0 Kommentare

The demands for enterprise software has changed since the user experience of the iPhone has spoiled us all. Especially when it comes to mobile applications, companies demand to use their own corporate identity. This is even more important when the application is customer facing, for example in a customer service scenario. SAM allows to change the basic look and feel of the mobile client within minutes. This short tutorial will show you how. Below are two screenshots of standard SAM…

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Introducing SAM 2.0

Von Alexander Ilg | Mai 24, 2018 | 0 Kommentare

Today I would like to introduce you to SAM 2.0, where we did a lot of improvements over version 1. This blog will highlight the new features and changes. SAM Scenarios In the last year we had implementation projects with customers that have different user groups, different roles and need therefore different frontends for them. Because of this we introduced SAM Scenarios, which allows us to deploy different client UI’s with different data model and different data distribution logic on…

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Proper sizing for Mobile Offline Field Service Applications

Von Alexander Ilg | Oktober 13, 2017 | 0 Kommentare

One of the questions we hear a lot at the beginning of our projects is the one about the sizing of the mobile system landscape. In this blog, we want to discuss which factors are important for the answer. Sizing the hardware of mobile applications is not a simple topic. It needs to be done for all layers of the mobile landscape. If you have a mobile middleware and SAP as backend, we should consider the following: How many users…

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Up- and Download of large binary Maintenance Data to SAP

Von Alexander Ilg | August 26, 2017 | 0 Kommentare

If well maintained, your SAP Plant Maintenance system should be the central point to get all information about your technical objects. General equipment data, characteristics, measurement points and their documents, notification and order history. But that is not all, some of the information that you want to store are binary data – issues are documented by making pictures or by taking a backup of the equipment’s software. For making the live of service technicians easier you want to provide documentation,…

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SAM launch in the Netherlands with Ideo – Prepare for the Future

Von Alexander Ilg | Juni 16, 2017 | 0 Kommentare

On 15. June 2017, I went to Utrecht for the SAM Smart Asset Management launch in the Netherlands. The event was organised by our partner Ideo, who selected a nice location. This blog shows a few impressions of the meeting. Bart Elshout, who is product manager for mobility at Ideo, explained the benefits of mobile inspection/customer service and why SAM is the best option for SAP customers. The demo of SAM was done by Rob Bertrams, who walked the attendees…

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Introducing our new SAM Reseller and Implementation Partner Ideo

Von Alexander Ilg | Mai 17, 2017 | 0 Kommentare

Augsburg/’s-Hertogenbosch, 18. May 2017 – msc solutions, a German expert in plant maintenance and customer service software, announces today that the Dutch SAP partner Ideo from ’s-Hertogenbosch is becoming the first international reseller and implementation partner of SAM Smart Asset Management. SAM is a mobile solution for companies running SAP to optimise their plant maintenance, inspection and customer service processes. It helps to reduce the costs of service delivery by eliminating paper based data capture and double entry of information.…

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SAP PM/CS, Checklists and the Curse of MS Excel

Von Alexander Ilg | April 14, 2017 | 0 Kommentare

Most of our customers see the benefit of having checklists in SAP to support their inspection and maintenance process. There are different ways how these checklists can be set up in SAP, all with their pro’s and con’s. But the real challenge starts before you come to that point, when you try to fit all the puzzle pieces together. From Excel to SAP When we come to a new customer, it is usually to mobilise their SAP PM/CS with tools…

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Mobile Asset Management Solutions – Build or Buy?

Von Alexander Ilg | April 10, 2017 | 0 Kommentare

It is a general question when it comes to software – should you buy an off-the-shelf solution or do custom build your own? Both approaches have their pro’s and con’s. We will discuss them here in the context of mobile solutions for SAP Plant Maintenance/Customer Service and will present you a third option, which combines the best of both worlds. Buying a standard mobile solution has many advantages over building your own software, but it also comes with limitations. To…

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How to easily create time confirmations for SAP PM/CS on a mobile device via Stopwatches

Von Alexander Ilg | November 4, 2016 | 0 Kommentare

When working with mobile apps that support the inspection, maintenance and customer service business processes, users usually have to report a couple of things: Condition of equipments – ideally done via checklists Measurement readings – best not taken manually but via an software interface or even better directly send to SAP by an IoT integration Material consumption – the application should support the identification of the material via barcode or RFID scanner Confirmation of working time – for best usability…

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The History of SAP’s Mobile Apps for Asset Management

Von Alexander Ilg | Oktober 31, 2016 | 0 Kommentare

Since 2002 SAP has released a number of mobile apps for their enterprise asset management modules PM/CS. This blog will give a quick overview   SAP Mobile Asset Management (2002) Mobile Asset Management – or short MAM – was the first enterprise asset management solution from SAP. Platform: SAP Mobile Infrastructure 2.5, SAP NetWeaver Mobile 7.0 Technologies: Backend: ABAP Middleware: SyncBOs Client: Java, HTML Operating Systems: Windows XP, Windows Mobile SAP EAM Work Order (2010) The first mobile app SAP released after the acquisition…

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