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Posts by Alexander Ilg

The History of SAP’s Mobile Apps for Asset Management

Since 2002 SAP has released a number of mobile apps for their enterprise asset management modules PM/CS. This blog will give a quick overview   SAP Mobile Asset Management (2002) Mobile Asset Management – or short MAM – was the first enterprise asset management solution from SAP. Platform: SAP Mobile Infrastructure 2.5, SAP NetWeaver Mobile 7.0 Technologies:…

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Introducing SAM 2.0

Today I would like to introduce you to SAM 2.0, where we did a lot of improvements over version 1. This blog will highlight the new features and changes. SAM Scenarios In the last year we had implementation projects with customers that have different user groups, different roles and need therefore different frontends for them.…

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Custom Look and Feel for SAM Smart Asset Management

The demands for enterprise software has changed since the user experience of the iPhone has spoiled us all. Especially when it comes to mobile applications, companies demand to use their own corporate identity. This is even more important when the application is customer facing, for example in a customer service scenario. SAM allows to change…

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