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Posts by Alexander Ilg

Mobile SAP PM/CS Configured your way

Configure your mobile app the way you want

SAM Mobile 3.0 offers a lot of features for different plant maintenance and customer service business processes. Everything that SAP Plant Maintenance and Customer Service offers and that is required on a mobile device is available. While it is important to offer these features as a standard product, it can be too much and overwhelming…

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SAM received SAP Certification

Today we are happy to announce that SAM Smart Asset Management 3.0 has been certified by SAP for its NetWeaver integration/ABAP Add-On Deployment for SAP Enterprise Resource Planning. The SAM Smart Asset Management suite contains of four solutions: SAM Mobile, a feature-rich mobile offline application for laptops, tablets and smartphones running Windows, Android and iOS.…

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Up- and Download of large binary Maintenance Data to SAP

If well maintained, your SAP Plant Maintenance system should be the central point to get all information about your technical objects. General equipment data, characteristics, measurement points and their documents, notification and order history. But that is not all, some of the information that you want to store are binary data – issues are documented…

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Introducing our new SAM Reseller and Implementation Partner Ideo

Augsburg/’s-Hertogenbosch, 18. May 2017 – msc solutions, a German expert in plant maintenance and customer service software, announces today that the Dutch SAP partner Ideo from ‘s-Hertogenbosch is becoming the first international reseller and implementation partner of SAM Smart Asset Management. SAM is a mobile solution for companies running SAP to optimise their plant maintenance,…

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SAP PM/CS, Checklists and the Curse of MS Excel

Most of our customers see the benefit of having checklists in SAP to support their inspection and maintenance process. There are different ways how these checklists can be set up in SAP, all with their pro’s and con’s. But the real challenge starts before you come to that point, when you try to fit all…

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Mobile Asset Management Solutions – Build or Buy?

It is a general question when it comes to software – should you buy an off-the-shelf solution or do custom build your own? Both approaches have their pro’s and con’s. We will discuss them here in the context of mobile solutions for SAP Plant Maintenance/Customer Service and will present you a third option, which combines…

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