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SAP PM/CS – Technical Object Identification and Measurement/Meter Readings via OCR

Now your mobile SAP Plant Maintenance and Customer Service app can read!

Identifying Functional Locations and Equipments in your mobile maintenance app

When being onsite at a customer, functional location or equipment, it can be a challenge for a technician to identify the right asset. SAM already has several options to make this task easier:

  • With a Google-like search, the user can query equipment, serial, technical ident number and other fields simultaneously.
  • The camera of the mobile device can be used to read all kinds of barcodes that are printed on the asset to identify.
  • The integration with RDIF/Auto ID readers also allows the easy identification of the technical object.

All of these features are available offline, they work whether the device is connected to the network or not.

With the latest SAM release, we have added another way of identification: the reading of the serial number or just any tag via the smartphone´s or tablets’ camera. In corporation with Anyline, the world´s leading provider of on-device OCR text recognition, we made typing of serial or equipment numbers a thing of the past.

Equipment and Functional Location identification via OCR

Anyline is THE expert in mobile text recognition. Their powerful neural networks and artificial intelligence solved the problem of character recognition on mobile devices. It is in use by hundreds of organizations worldwide.

After evaluating the market of OCR solutions, we chose Anyline because the scanning and text recognition process works fully offline on the device without any connection to a cloud server. This will provide SAM customers the biggest flexibility and a very accurate scanning result.

Measurement and Meter Readings in SAP PM/CS or SAP IS-U Scenarios

Next to the identification of technical objects, all kind of readings are a common task in plant maintenance and customer service processes. Typically in form of a measurement document or as a meter reading. Sometimes, users have to execute hundreds of readings a day, for example when they do inspection rounds.

Measurement Document or Meter Readings offline

The combined power of SAM and Anyline allows the user to easily do measurement readings from within SAM. No more typing or typos. Technicians can save time on every single reading and therefore work more efficient and more accurate.

It is possible to extend the available functionality for customer-specific use cases, for example for identifying company vehicles via scanning their license plate.

The identification of technical objects and the automated measurement readings via the Anyline OCR engine are now available with SAM Mobile (fully offline) and SAM Online for devices running iOS, Android and Windows 10.

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